We encourage the owners to show our Pugs
at least as long as they have a chance to qualify.

SEUCH Robic's Golden Golly, 8 yrs
BIS Yellow Veteran
MopsOrden Breed Special Kista 2011-01-09

Cacib 1 Nordic Winner-08 Denmark
Cacib 2 Europe Winner Ireland-09
Cacib 3 FCI World Show Winner Bratislava-09
Cacib 4 Hässleholm-10

"Sara by the sea in Grenå Denmark summer 2010"
photo: Catharina Bråkenhielm


Our quite wonderful litttle Pug missus "Sara" now
has become an International Show Champion & B.O.B.
Judge: Gunilla Stenberg Kuhni
Handled by Catharina Bråkenhielm Photo: Per Ahlqvist

Thanks to her breeders, Elisabeth Olsen & Björn-Erling Lökken
for letting us have this little bundle of energy.

During the past year "Sara", Tangetoppens Jamaica won 3 C.C.s in Sweden
and 1 C.C- and CACIB in Denmark.
She has also gained the titles Nordic Junior Winner NORDJV -07
and NORDIC WINNER -08. She is owned and shown by Catharina Bråkenhielm.
She was also placed 4th Female on the Swedish Pug Club's list "Mops-Ligan 2008".

Åsa, Here I Come to Ipzig won the reg. title Swedish Winner SV -08
She was 5th Female on "Mops-Ligan 2008".

Robic's Lycko-Klöver got 1 C.C. and became mother of two puppies.

SUCH SV-08 Robic's Here I Come to Ipzig "Åsa"
was shown at the Helsinki Int. Show and
was placed 2nd Best Female with a Res.CACIB.
She won the Champion Class.
Judge Christoffer Habig Saksa
Congratulations to Maggan, Bosse and to Per, who handled her!

Älvsjö Fair SKC International Show 7 December 2008
Tangetoppens Jamaica "Sara"

won Open Class among 16 females and was places 3rd of 53 females:

Handler Björn Erling and Judge Monica Stavenborn
Photo by Catharina Bråkenhielm


Tangetoppen's Jamaica "Sara"
Sara went along with Björn Erling to Herning in Denmark.
Both Sara and Björn Erling must have shown at their very best:
The result was Best Bitch-1, CC, CACIB and Nordic Winner -08. 56 Pugs were entered.
Catharina and myself are very happy, indeed!

Thank you so much Tangetoppen's for this little gem and for showing her.
Judge: Jan Sonne-Schmidt

HÖGBO BRUK INT. SHOW Saturday September 6, 2008

Klöver in Högbo photographed by Johan Frick-Meijer
R. Lycko-Klöver was 1st in Youth Class, 2nd Best Bitch with C.C. and Res.Cacib
R. Here I Come to Ipzig was Reserv Best Bitch.
Judge Mr. Bo Skallin

Värmlands KC Int. Show in Ransäter July 27, 2008
Robic's Korint won Open Class and was 2nd Best Bitch with C.C. and Res. Cacib
Tangetoppens Jamaica was 2nd in Youth Class witn c.c.-quality but wasn't placed in Best Bitch.
Judge: Manola Poggessi, Italy.
Catharina handled both girls, quite a task in this heat wave.

Robic's Korint. Photo: Sebastian Bråkenhielm

11 July, 2008. Judge B-Å Bogren

"Sara" Tangetoppen's Jamaica took her 3rd C.C.
16 months old and placed 2nd in Best Bitch.

"Kakan" Robic's Korint won Open Class with c.c.-quality
and ended up 4th Best Bitch.
Both handled by Catharina Bråkenhielm
and Sebastian took the pictures.

We have also been to the FCI-SKC World Show
in Stockholm early July 2008.

"Åsa" was placed 4th in Champion Class with Exellent and
"Sara" who also got an Exellent was not placed on Friday
but on Saturday she was placed 2nd in a big Junior Class.
Our Veteran Elsa was 2nd in this Class on Friday
and proved herself still going strong.

National Holiday June 6 was celebrated in Medevi Brunn
where the Pug Special 2008 took place.

The results for the Robic-pugs were as follows:
Best Bitch-4 (of 84) Robic's Here I Come To Ipzig, "Åsa",
owners Margareta Dehlvin and Bo Fransson. Handler: Per Faleus
Best Youth Bitch-4 (of 23) Robic's Lycko-Klöver.
owned by Kennel Robic. Handler same.
R. Golden Golly was also entered, but was soon defeated
in Champion class by "Åsa".
Judge: Reneé Sporre Willes

The Show site was beatutiful with abundant shady greenery,
fortunate in this hot and sunny weather.
It was a cheerful and friendly athmosphere around the rings
and everything went perfectly.

As an extra bonus the Breed Club offered a free Eye examination
for those who wanted.
"Klöver" became green-eyed for a while, but the colour disappeared
in time for the Best Bitch competition.
I was very pleased with her getting the same fine eye result as her mother,
R.Jo-Sefa when she had this examination two years ago.

"Sara" Tangetoppens Jamaica was 3rd Best Bitch with C.C.
in Larv on May 14, 2008.

This is her second C.C., she is still in Junior!

Sara on the table in Larv handled by Elisabeth Olsen
Judge: Anita Whitmarsh
Owned by Bibi Almhög and Catharina Bråkenhielm.


Åsa (SUCH SV-08 R. Here I Come to Ipzig) was B.O.B. of 50 Pugs.
Judge: Pirjo Aaltonen, Finland
Klöver (R. Lycko-Klöver) was 2nd with c.c.q. in Youth Class Bitches of 7 entered.
Elsa (FUCH EECH NORDUCH R. Ögonfröjd) Best Veteran with c.c.q.

Thank you for a lovely day to Maggan and Bosse who drove and lugged
and to Per who handled Åsa and Klöver just fine!

B.O.S. Ch Siivas Fabulous Forever and B.O.B. SUCH SV-08 Robic's Here I Come to Ipzig
with her handler Per Faleus. Photo Marie Bergström

Robic's Lycko-Per var i BräkneHoby på inofficiell
utställning Påskdagen 2008

och blev BIR och sedan BIG-2 i stora ringen
Domare var John John Johnsson. Grattis Eva!

Robic's Lycko-Per went to an inofficial show in BräkneHoby
on Easter Day 2008

Judge: John John Johnsson. Congratulations Eva!

Results Little Stockholm Show Easter Day 2008
Judge: Sergio Pizzorno

Åsa, Robic's Here I Come to Ipzig Best Bitch - 1 with CACIB
Sara, Tangetoppens Jamaica Best Bitch - 2 med C.C.
28 females entered, not bad to be 1 st and 2nd

Malte, Robic's Final Touch was 5th in Open Class
of 10 entered males, but without c.c.-quality

Elsa, Robic's Ögonfröjd Our lovely old lady
was Best Veteran with C.C. - Quality
but didn't place herself in the Group Final.

Click to enlarge!

The Swedish Pug Dog Club's Top Ratings for 2007:
"Åsa" SV-08 ROBIC'S HERE I COME TO IPZIG 2nd Best Female
KENNEL ROBIC'S 5th Best Breeder

"ÅSA" B.O.S. and Swedish Winner -08
at MY DOG 06/01-08

On Epiphany at My Dog in Gothenburg R. Here I come to Ipzig
was B.O.S. and SV-08
Owners Margareta Dehlvin and Bo Fransson
Handler: Per Faleus
Judge Mr. Torbjörn Skaar

B.O.B CH Filisofias Macello, owner Patrik Cederlöf - Cacib, SV-08, B.I.G-3
B.O.S CH Robic's Here I Come to Ipzig - Cacib, SV-08
Photo: Catharina Bråkenhielm

"Sara" Nordic Junior Winner among 16 class entries

NORDJV-07 Tangetoppen's Jamaica
Photo: Anders Tenghede
Breeders Elisabeth Olsen and Björn Erling Løken, Norway
Owners Catharina Bråkenhielm and Bibi Almhög

"Åsa" SUCH Robic's Here I Come to Ipzig
Owners Margareta Dehlvin and Bo Fransson, photo.
2nd Best Bitch at the same SKC INT SHOW STOCKHOLM 2007.
The judge gave her this written critique:
"Beautiful bitch, high class. Loved her as soon as I saw her.
A little princess, something to be proud of."

November 3, 2007 our little "Sara" soon 9 months old,
Tangentoppens Jamaica was B.O.B-Puppy at Växjö.

Photo: Anders Tenghede
There were 10 puppies entered and she was
handled by co-owner Catharina Bråkenhielm as usual.
Great THANK YOU to Elisabeth and Björn Erling for our little Sara!

SDHK Högbo Bruk 2 september 2007
Judge: Karl-Erik Johansson
Robic's Here I Come to Ipzig (Åsa) took her title winning 3 straight C.C.s.
CONGRATULATIONS to her owners for keeping her in constant top condition.

B.O.B. Dk Fin N Such NV-06 Filosofias Marcello
  Owner: Patrik Cederlöf, Åkersberga
B.O.S. Robic's Here I Come To Ipzig
Owners: Margaretha Dehlvin & Bo Fransson, Spånga
Photo: Harriet Sandberg

Almare-Stäket August 26, 2007 Judge Ann-Mari Maeland

B.O.B Siivas Fabulus Forever B.O.S Robic's Here I Come to Ipzig
"Åsa", who got her second C.C. Photo: Marianne Eriksson

Robic's Golden Golly was 4th Best Bitch.
Little Robic's Lycko-Klöver was 2nd Junior Bitch with Award of Honour.
Robic's Final Touch was 2nd in Youth Class with Award of Honour.

Kennel Robic's Breeder's Group got Award of Honour.
From the left: R. Final Touch, R. Golden Golly, R. Here I Come to Ipzig
and R. Lycko-Klöver. Photo: Irene Fransson

Robic's Lyckliga Lotta "Loppan"
went to an inofficial Show at Nääs Fabriker on 15 April 2007.
She was BIG-1 and BIS-R with a fine critique.
Here she proudly poses with all rosettes. Owner Linda Malm


Photo: Lycksäter
R. Lycko-Per "Pelle" went to the "Easter Bang" inofficial show
at Växjö on Easter Friday.
He was BOB-Puppy 6-9 months and BIS-4.
Judges were Tina Permo and Pia Prahl. Owner Eva Forsmark,

Three Robic-pugs went to the STOKK Little Stockholm Show on 7 April.
Judge Siv Jernhake 63 adult Pugs were entered.
R. Here I Come to Ipzig won Open class Bitches with CC-Quality and
was 2nd Best Bitch (of 31). Owner Margaretha Delhvin
R. Final Touch was 2nd Junior Male (of 9)
with CC-Quality Owner Gunnel Borglund
R. First Lady was 2nd Junior Bitch (of 7)
Owner Marianne Bjurgard


Robic's Future Delight (Siri)
was BOB-Junior at the Boxer Club Show in Sollentuna
on February 3rd, 2007.
Recently 1 year old and this was her debut.
Well handled by her mistress THERESE
Judge: Carin Åkesson

Saturday February 17, Siri was at the Afghan Club's
inofficial Show at Sollentuna.
She was BOS - Best Opposite Sex. Judge: Karin Hedberg.

Robic's Here I Come To Ipzig
was shown in Gothenburg on 6 and 7 January 2007.
She went in Youth Class and was placed 2nd with CC-Quality both days
and 4th Best Bitch on Saturday and 3rd BB on Sunday.
Judges were Yvonne Larsson, Sweden and Agnes Kertes, Israel.
Congratulations to Maggan and Bosse!
(see photo below)

September 2, 2006
CH Robic's Golden Golly

76 Pugs entered. BIS was Ch Siivas Fabulous Forever
Photo Marianne Eriksson
Judge was Mrs Joyce Clark, England.

"Åsa" Robic's Here I Come To Ipzig

Åsa, handled by Monika Wiberg at Härjarö

Robic's Kanel was 3rd of 13 Bitch Puppies 4-6 months. Owner Wiveka Forsman
Here I come To Ipzig (Åsa) was placed 1 of 17 Junior Class Bitches
and BIS-Junior as well 5 Best Bitch. Owner: Margareta Dehlvin
CH Robic's Golden Golly became 2nd out of 11 females in Champion Class,
owned and bred by Bibi Almhög

Robic's Golden Golly became a champion at the WKK Int. Show April 22, 2006!
She was also BOS among 20 entered females. Judge Ms A-M Maeland.

Little "Åsa" R. Here I Come To Ipzig made her debut in Junior Class
at the Gothenburg Int. MyDog Show on January 6, 2006.
She was placed 2nd among 21 bitches entered.
Owners Margareta Delvin and Monika Wiberg.

Täby Galopp Stockholm 28 aug. 2005 Robic's Golden Golly was placed
2nd among 17 females.
Judge: Ann-Marie Maeland.

Robic's kennel was ranked 7th on the Swedish Pug Club Breeders' list 2004,
although showing was very limited last year.


Elsa made us all very happy again in the show ring
winning BOS and CC in Rakvere, Estonia during Easter
and so also became an Estonian Champion (Eech)!
It was a national show on 26.3.2005
Judge: Zivile Povilaitiene, Lithuania (FCI judge).


Robic's Ögonfröjd was 5th best female in the Swedish Pug League 2004.

SUCH NUCH Robic's Ögonfröjd, owner Marie Bergström
Photo: Magnus Bergström

23 adult entries Judge MarieThorpe, Eire:
BOS SUCH Robic's Ögonfröjd Owner: Marie Bergström
2nd Best Bitch with C.C. Robic's Golden Golly Owner: Bibi Almhög

Robic's Irish Whiskey On The Fly "Chivas" was BOB och 2nd in Group
at an inofficial show in Borgarparken, Hudiksvall on Aug. 8, 2004.
Judge was Mikael Johansson and there were three Pugs.
Photo by owner Inger Berglund.

- Swedish Pug Dog Club Show 2004 -

Tånga Hed, Vårgårda May 29 - 30, among 76 Pugs
Judge Anne Bolton, GB in the Club magazine no. 3, 2004:
"Bibi Almhög's Robic's Golden Golly, the Junior Bitch winner was to me
the star of the show. A fawn bitch of excellent quality, ideal size,
a wonderful feminine head with small, neat ears and deep pigmentation.
Dark eyes and wide muzzle, with a lovely expression. Short and compact,
well balanced, good bone and small feet. Level back with a high set tail curl.
Just like this is what a really feminine bitch should look like. A wonderful female
which became my Best In Show winner.

Bella with 4 puppies at an unofficial Show in Sollentuna 22 oct. 2005
Robic's Here I Come To Ipzig was BOB 6-9 months Puppies.
After her came R. Honeysuckle Rose and R. Here Comes Malinda - all 3 with Award of Merit.
She was later BIG-Puppy. BOS Adults was R. Jo-Sabeth. Photo: Bo Resselmark

A group of merry Robic Pugs at Täby Galopp Stockholm 2005
R. Jo-Sephine, R. Golden Golly, R. Ögonfröjd and R. Esquire
Photo: Karin Nerén

"ELSA" placed 4th in Group in Torneo, Finland 31 July, 2005
Her results: BOB, CC and Finnish CH, BIG-4
Breed judge: Jari Laakso, Finland
Group judge: Kirsti Lummelampi, Finland (toy dogs specialist)

Elsa, SUCH NUCH EECH Robic's Ögonfröjd
became BOB and a Danish and Nordic Champion in Grenå, Denmark
on July 23rd 2005.
Judge L. Lehmann Jørgensen, Denmark
and 2nd Best femaale with Club-CC on July 24, 2005 Judge: Jenny Egan, Australien.

Photo by owners Marie and Magnus Bergström

Robic's Kardemumma
in Avesta BOB Puppy class + BIS 3
Owner: Monika Wiberg. Photo Bibi Almhög


Judge Gunilla Johnsson placed Robic's Golden Golly Reserv Best Bitch among 65 entered
and Robic's Breeders' Group was placed 3rd, from the left:
R. Golden Golly, SUCH SV-99 R. Anastasia, R. Jo-Sephine owned by Karin Nerén,
who shot the photo and SUCH R. Amazing Angel with owner Lars-Olof.

Elsas latest ring dances

Norrköping Nat. May 29, - Photo: Viveka Wester
Elsa, SUCH NUCH EECH Robic's Ögonfröjd
2nd Bitch among 25 Pugs judged by Mr Göran Bodegård.
Photo from Champion Class, Kingsize American Honey (right) with Monica Stavenborn.
Ballerup Int., Denmark May 1, Elsa 3rd Bitch among 22 Pugs judged by Mr Ole Staunskjaer
Västerås Nat. April 24, Elsa 5th Bitch among 36 Pugs judged by Mr Frances Hickey, Irland

BIS and BOS at the Swedish Pug Club Special 2004

BIS ROBIC'S GOLDEN GOLLY breeder/owner Bibi Almhög, kennel ROBIC
Breeders F & W Holmes, England. Owner Anka Grönvold, Norway.
Photo: Gun-Britt Augustsson

SUCH Robic's Ögonfröjd "Elsa" BOB in Skara 9/5-04
under Nils Molin, showed by owner Marie Bergström.
BOS was Kingsize Fawn Italian Tortellini. Photo: Magnus Bergström.

Our new junior bitch Robic's Golden Golly
was Best female, CC-winner and BOS at the Gästriksland KC Show 06/09/ 2003.
6 bitches showed up. Judge was Yvonne Larsson.

"Fixa" Robic's Fawn Fairy-Tale was BOS and CC-winner
at the Halland Kennel Club Show in Halmstad July 12, 2003
Judge: Anette Oliver, England
Owner Eva Forsmark, who took this photo last April.

Robic´s Anniversary Annie was BIS
at the Arvika Working Dogs' unofficial show May 31, 2003.
Photo: Mirella

Three year old Robic's Cute Comely Cate has been to her first show in Moirana, May 25 2003. There were only three Pugs. She was BOB and awarded CC by judge Moa Persson. Owner: Elisabeth Hoegset Olsen, Båsmoen, Norway. Photo here as soon as possible.

Robic's Esquire "Billy" owned by Ulrika Birath, Viksjö was CC-winner
and 2nd Best Dog among 17 males at the Stockholm Kennel Club Show
on March 19, 2003

On August 24th 2003 at the Ulla Segerström & Bertil Sted Gren Memorial Show
in Täby - he won his second CC and was 3rd Best Dog.

Gösta Persson from Fagersta phoned and proudly told that Filip
Robic's Fawn Ferdinand went to an unofficial show
at Ludvika Brukshundklubb on March 29 -03.
Neither of the two had been to a show before, but they had
a great day and ended up with BOB and 3rd BIS
Well done for a beginner!

The first weekend in December 2003 Gösta took Filip to the Swedish Dog Club show in Surahammar. He became BOB and 3rd BIS and so Gösta's granddaughter Amanda participated in Child and Dog with Filip and won over everyone!

11 months old in the picture
Photo: Gösta Persson

In this photo taken at the Norrköping Show a hot summer day in 2001
you can see a gang of cheerful Robic-Pugs.

Robic's Cute Candy Caramel won the Bitch CC, Robic's Christoffer Columbus got a certificate of quality in Junior Class, SUCH SV-99 Robic's Anastasia was BOS, SUCH Robic's Anniversary Anthony got a certificate of quality and Robic's Ögonfröjd got a certificate of quality in Youth Class.
Photo: Jonssons Foto, Skärholmen

To be continued as soon as we have found more photos ...