About Kennel Robic
The kennel prefix was made up from our names, my late husband Roine
Bibi, Caroline och Charlotte.
We have always kept a dog in our family, when the girls were little,
we had a poodle bitch. She had one litter of puppies in 1958
out of which we kept one female, Zamba.
We bought our first Welsh terrier in 1970 and in 1974 the Swedish KC
approved our kennel prefix Robic.
We bred Welsh terriers during a period of 20 years and our showing
resulted in more than 20 champions in this breed.

INT NORD UCH Adens Maiden Head "Ada", b. 1975 och
INT NORD UCH Robic's Holly Hurricane "Holly", b. 1978

We had the thought of buying a Pug in mind for ten years, before we
actually did it in 1989.
Our first Pug was Kingsize Robic Fawn Papaya and from then we've kept on - now
we have only Pugs in the house, two or three or so to keep us busy and active.
We usually have only a couple of litters a year at the most, and we usually keep
one puppy, until we see how it developes.

Bibi och Malin on visit with a litter of Robic puppies
born in winter 2002. Photo: Lars Malmqvist

Roine Almhög
In loving memory

We have had and still have fantastic puppy buyers who take good care
of their Pugs and love them. Some of them want to show and we are happy for it,
but the most important is that our Pugs get a good home, where they are allowed
to be family members.

We live in a semidetached house with a garden in Järfälla, north of Stockholm,
close to fine recreation areas and every day
we take our Pugs for long walks in the woods nearby.

Bibi Almhög
Högbyvägen 143

Tel: Int+46 8 58012037
Cellphone: 46 702330181
E-mail address: info@robic.se