Kennel Robic's first Pug champions
We started breeding and showing Welshterriers, and our kennel prefix was
approved by the Swedish Kennel Club in 1974.
Later we went over to Pugs in 1989 and from 1991 on we have been breeding only Pugs
and that we have never regretted! We breed at the most one or two litters a year or so,
nevertheless we have finished more than ten Pug champions so far.
Our first show hit litter was our second one in 1991.
In Per Undén's photograph below, taken at the SKC All Breeds Show Final in 1993 you can see the three litter brothers all named "Åskar", The First, The Second och The Third, who all became champions. Their daddy "Nicke", INT UCH NUCH SUCH Björnhovs Beige Bulldozer Pug to the left with his sons. The pround mother was our brood bitch "Ida", SUCH Creaseida's Comely.

SUCH LP Robic's Åskar The First, to the right flank became in his time well known
to the readers of the Hundsport magazine
thanks to Ursula Wilby's amusing stories. Photo: Per Undén.

SUCH LP Robic's Åskar The First winning the Group at Laholm
i.e. Best Toy Dog in Show
Photo: Per Undén

Here SUCH Robic's Åskar The Second
was placed Second in Group at a show in Askersund in 1994.
Photo: Per Undén

SUCH Robic's Åskar The Third was never used for breeding, but "Snuffe" was a keen forest ranger and lived for almost 13 yrs.

Photo: Johannes Sohlberg

SUCH Robic's Äppelpaj, b. 1994
by SUCH LP1 Robic's Åskar den Förste
and SUCH Pugwamp's Lady Di To Robic

Here is an album with photos of the champions bred by Kennel Robic
Our ambition is to include good photographs of them all, but it will take some time.
You can find full pedigrees and show merits searchable for everyone in the
Swedish Kennel Club Dog Database

It also contains owners' names - in case the owner has agreed
to have it published on the Internet. Search for Robic's and mops!


CH Robic's Here I Come to Ipzig "Åsa"
Owner Margareta Dehlvin Photo: Bo Fransson

Our champion in 2006:
SUCH Robic's Golden Golly

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To be continued as soon as we have had the time to search for more photos ...